About Kell

Kell Brazil Certified Life & Career Coach-Helping You Align Your Purpose with Your Career to Live Your Dream

Well, hello sugar!

I'm Kell Brazil, your spiritually glam life & career coach here to help you align with your true purpose so you can have the life and career of your dreams. My practice is dedicated to helping women have an abundant AF life and career that lights them up and serves humanity on a deep level, because I believe you can both serve AND have ALL THE THINGS. My journey to this career began at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I graduated as a certified integrative nutrition coach. And while I love fitness and nutrition, something was still missing. I knew there was more I could offer than diet plans. So, I decided to further my coach training and began my studies with the Robbins-Madanes Institute (Tony Robbins coaching program) and graduated as a certified life coach.

My journey into spirituality, however, began many years ago after the tragic death of my younger brother. What started as a desperate search for answers that could help me understand where he was after the death of his physical body, resulted in an understanding of a God much different than the God of my childhood; you know- the vengeful puppet master inflicting pain and suffering on an unsuspecting human who failed to tow an imaginary line!

I learned the difference between religion and spirituality; astrology, meditation, universal laws, the chakra system, and all things mystical. And I learned that I could be spiritual and glamorous. After all, the founder of Gucci was a spiritual being too, right?

I learned that I am here on this planet for a purpose and that my life has meaning. I found that I had a talent for helping people figure out their bigger purpose and a unique system for showing them how to go for it! I learned that I was meant for whatever abundance I wanted in my life! And today, I have the privilege of helping other power babes find their purpose and step into their dream life too! Are you ready?