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Judge not, lest ye…

Published 2019-09-23

Judge Not Blog Post Kell Brazil

Judge not, lest ye…
Diminish your own soul.

How often do you find yourself in judgement? Whether its judgement of yourself or another, it’s corrosive and will diminish you at the level of soul (and I say this with no judgement!). We all come to the planet with a purpose and a set of experiences to accomplish and we are here to serve and help each other along on our paths. The good news though, is we have all been divinely given the tools to do this!

Judgement, however, gets in the way. We judge our worthiness, our circumstances, our bodies, our financial situation, our boss, & the “crazy” person weaving in and out of traffic (see, there I go!). But when we go there, we block the compassion and love from not only that person or situation, but our souls. We can’t know all that lies before us nor can we know what another has chosen for their incarnation. Maybe the physical or emotional difficulty we’re in serves us in a future we haven’t made it to yet.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that low-vibe, low-frequency thoughts and actions will attract more of the same and that will block the flow of abundance and happiness every time! If you’re looking to have the best life on this planet we all call home, change your patterned thinking, words, and actions. Open up to the possibility that there is something bigger in the works even if you don’t understand what that is. If you can’t get your head around being open, how about just getting curious? At a minimum, you’ll feel a little more at ease. And at a maximum? Grace and love will come flowing in.


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