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Triumph after Trauma

Published 2019-07-26

Triumph after Trauma Blog Post Kell Brazil

Triumph after Trauma
You may not be able to see this now, but your greatest pain, wounds and struggles in your life lie closely related to your purpose. What if all those things didn’t happen TO you, but FOR you? What if the horrible childhood, the grade school bullying, the tragedies, and the feelings of unworthiness were really guiding you toward your true destiny?
What if getting fired from that job you hated with the good benefits was actually meant to stretch you into your best self so you can finally get on with your bigger purpose?

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around, but I’ve been there. You wonder whether the events you’ve had to go through were just random or if there is a bigger meaning behind it. And you wonder, “why me?” and “what did I do to deserve this?”, am I right? The answer may just be everything. I believe we all have unique missions to carry out in this lifetime and the things we come in with + the bruises, cuts and scrapes we collect along the way all begin to take shape and tell a story. It’s what we choose to do with this story that determines our happiness, our abundance, and our success in life. We can use it to cling to victimhood, or we can use it to embolden us to go after what we want and are really designed by our creator to have. The choice is yours.

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