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Love Letter

Published 2019-08-01

Love Letter Blog Post Kell Brazil

Love Letter
My dearest love,⠀

I wanted to take a moment to tell you as best I’m able what being by your side has meant for me. ⠀

I love you for all the reasons written about by the greatest poets of our time, to be sure. But it’s bigger than this. I love you for what I see about myself mirrored in your eyes. I love the ways you expand my soul and my personality.
I love the way you show me how the world sees me and how you challenge me to see myself in a purer way. I love the patience you have for my process of evolvement. I love the way you hold my feet to the fire when I’m tempted to turn too far inward, to retreat. You bring me back again & again. ⠀

I love the gentleness with which you help me reconstruct my systems after I’ve torn them down 100 times over. And the space you hold for me when I’ve torn myself down too. ⠀

I love the vulnerability you’re brave enough to share because it lets me know how to be vulnerable too. I love your rawness, your realness, and your confidence that it’s ok to be exactly who you are. I love us. ⠀

Thank you for holding the lantern so I can see who I am, who I’m becoming and where we’re heading. I will treasure you all of my days. ⠀

Eternal love & gratitude,⠀


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