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It's Not Me - It's You

Published 2019-03-15

It’s Not Me - It’s You - Gold Vintage CadillacIf this statement reminds you of a break-up line from the card-carrying narcissist you once dated, stay with me!

I’m a life coach. And I happen to be a good one. My mission for the work I do in my practice is to help people overcome limiting beliefs by challenging their mindset. I help them see their blind spots and eliminate roadblocks so they can go on to achieve the things they wish to achieve. It’s rewarding for me to help people go deeper than they’ve ever gone and to physically see the moment someone has a profound insight that initiates a powerful pivot. But you don’t need me or any other coach for that matter, to have this experience. It doesn’t require a PhD, wealth, fame, celebrity or any other status we attach to meaning or importance. All that you need in order to accomplish your dreams already resides within you. Anything you can observe in your physical world literally began in the mind, either your mind or that of someone else. And it is for this reason that mindset and belief is a foundational pillar of the work many life coaches, including myself, do. A good coach will be able to pull from you, all the skills, talents and traits to help you succeed. They will hold space for you and hold you accountable when necessary. They will be able to help you see the bigger vision for your life that you may not even be aware of at this moment. And they will be able to mirror for you when you’re in your own way and help you see the way forward.

The role of a coach isn’t to do the work for you or to necessarily look for traumatic events in your past to link to your current circumstances. We merely serve as a vehicle to facilitate getting you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time.  In the same way, while you technically don’t need a vehicle to get from St. Louis to Kansas City, it sure makes the journey much faster! We can save you a ton of time, blisters and bruises, and lots of storms along the way. But in the end, it’s not me, it’s you that will do the driving.

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